What are The Things to Consider When Developing an Apple Watch?

The Apple watch development has completely revolutionized the industry. It’s the talk of the past when companies used to compete on their smart-phone features. Just like always, Apple has evolved through amazing innovation and transformation. Apple Watch being a wearable device has enabled Apple to get up, close, as well as personal with its customers. While the customers were already impressed and glued to the smartphones of Apple, the top Apple watch developers made sure that Apple stays connected to the customers wherever they go and in whatever they do.

This iOS-compatible smart watch is also known as a wearable computer due to the many features that it offers. It’s a new thing in associating people with technology like never before. So, here we are going to discuss some of the important things to consider when doing Apple watch app development the right way…

Top Five Things to Consider For Apple Watch App Development

  • Pairing the Apple Watch with the iPhone

The Apple Watch needs to be paired with the iPhone as it cannot work as a stand-alone device. Developing a third-party app requires a WatchKit app together with a WatchKit extension. Resource files and storyboards are available on the Watchkit and the code to manage the UI of the WatchKit app is available with the watch extension.

  • Using the Apple Watch

The focus of the watch apps is on providing the exact and correct information to the users. When developing an Apple watch, an entirely different mindset is needed for the developer. The Apple Watch provides various features to the user such as the following:

-> Easy access to information

-> Easy pairing with the iPhone

-> Fitness tracker

-> Activity rings for day-to-day activity

  • Glance Interfaces

The most important information of the app is displayed using an interface known as a glance as it requires speed in displaying the info. Since there is no scrolling available, they need to fit the screen completely. In order to launch the watch app, the user can tap on the glance. If you wish to create a glance, a separate executable is required to be created. Actionable notifications also display a slight glimpse of the information, though with a little more access for the user. To open the watch app, the notifications can be tapped.

  • Properties of Apple Watch

The developer must review the properties of the watch by visiting the Apple iTunes Connect Developer Guide. The properties can be found in the guide and also in the WatchKit.

  • WatchKit Extension

The WatchKit extension that runs on the iPhone enables the developers to host the UI of the app. All the coding resides on the iPhone itself. Developers are required to code for both the iPhone as well as the watch.

Final Thoughts:

When you go for such an innovative technology, there are still many things which need to be considered. The development and design specifications are not yet clear completely and the interaction model which is proposed by the smartwatch is certainly more difficult to assume as compared to that proposed by the smartphone. Generating unique and attractive ideas for this amazing wearable technology is definitely a challenge in itself. In case you are looking out for top apple watch developers for your next project, then do send us your requirements over email. Our team will reach out to you with the right solution very soon.



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